We offer high-tech CCTV drain inspection camera services in Gold Coast & surrounding suburbs.


If you need a Gold Coast & surrounding suburbs drain inspection, you’ve come to the right place. At Service Locate, we offer an array of CCTV cameras, including those that can inspect drains without the use of invasive machinery.

Our high-precision camera can traverse the entire pipe, wall, and floor.

It is helpful to look at small spaces where man’s entry is not possible. CCTV drain inspection in Gold Coast & surrounding suburbs is a very efficient way to detect problems.

What is CCTV drain inspection?

A CCTV camera is an excellent way to inspect and repair drains. They are used in commercial and residential areas.

The main advantage of this type of camera is its precision and accuracy because it can be installed in any area that needs inspection.

It can enter the drain hole of small sizes and show an accurate representation of the debris and other objects that might have clogged the drain.

What are the benefits of CCTV drain inspection?

CCTV drain inspection from the reliable crew of Service Locate is an excellent option for clogged drains and blocked pipes. This can find out exactly what the problem is.

Then, you can decide whether you will require a camera to repair it or not. This will give you the opportunity to decide on whether to call a plumber immediately. If you are unsure what the problem is and what caused it, you can ask a professional to tell you about it.

At Service Locate, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality, efficient, and accurate pipe and drain inspections.

Our camera assesses the physical condition and usability of the drains. When you connect with us, you can look forward to an easy and efficient pipe and drain inspection service in Gold Coast & surrounding suburbs.


When is the right time to have CCTV drain inspection?

If you know that there’s something wrong with your pipes and drains, and you are looking for an efficient solution, a CCTV drain inspection is the best option.

When your drains are blocked with debris or other objects, a drain camera will offer you a clear view of what is happening inside it. You will find out the source of the problem. It will allow you to avoid expensive long-term damage.

What do we do in drain and pipe inspection?

At Service Locate, we offer highly efficient pipe and drain inspection services in Gold Coast & surrounding suburbs. We have the equipment and tools needed to relay high-quality and real-time imaging of the area inside the drain or pipe.

With this service, you can determine the amount of waste, dirt, and debris accumulated inside the drain.

Such accurate diagnostics allow you to assess the right treatment needed to get rid of the debris and unclog the pipe and drain.

Such services allow us to inspect, record, and provide optimal solutions for unclogging the drain without damaging the structural integrity of the drain or pipe. We hand over the reports in near real-time onsite over the internet to the customer.

Our state-of-the-art technology and vast domain experience allow us to offer this service for drains, pipes, walls, floors, and even foundations. You can now easily diagnose hard-to-find or hard-to-reach areas that were previously inaccessible to the human eyes.

Why should you use drain inspection CCTV services Gold Coast & surrounding suburbs?

Accurate diagnosis

Before CCTV drain cameras, an inspection of the source of the problem used to be complicated guesswork.

This used to lead to solutions that may or may not solve the problem. But with CCTV drain inspection Gold Coast & surrounding suburbs from Service Locate, you get the accurate location and figure out the exact problem with the pipe or drain.

Proactive solution enabler

With the CCTV drain cameras, you can act fast and resolve a small problem before it snowballs into a major (and costly) problem.

You can determine the location and extent of blockage, corrosion, or leakage from the pipes and take proactive measures to resolve the issue.

Unearth problems and surprises

The snake camera whizzing down the drain has the power to relay back crystal-clear images of things accumulated on the underground surface.

It can also spring forth a few surprises, like a lost ring that went down the sinkhole some weeks back!

What can you do with CCTV drain inspection by Service Locate?

  • Identify areas that are prone to clogging and assess the potential damage due to it. This will ensure that there’s no blockage or wastage of time in fixing the problem when it occurs in the future.
  • Identify potential leakage, and get the required areas repaired. This will help save time, money, and water in the long run.
  • Obtain a real-time image of the pipe to understand what measures you need to take to repair or maintain it.
  • Pinpoint sources of water wastage, and take necessary steps to avoid wasteful practices.
  • Find out if there are any damages or breaks in the underground pipes caused due to external factors (like tree roots) or internal factors (such as corrosion).

Where is the CCTV drain camera used?

  • In commercial and industrial buildings.
  • In residential buildings.
  • In tunnels and drains.
  • To inspect the various parts of the pipeline.
  • For diagnostics & analysis of pipe systems.
  • Detect intrusion to tree roots
  • Detect sagging of pipes
  • Detect debris accumulation
  • Discover cracks or breaks in the underground pipe systems
  • Borehole and piling inspections

Why choose Service Locate for CCTV drain camera inspections in Gold Coast & surrounding suburbs?

We use various equipment like tractor-type cameras and push cameras to ensure custom servicing depending on your distinct needs.

We help plumbers to know the root cause of the problem without having to dig up the ground surface to find the problem of leakage or seepage.

Problems like blocked toilets and clogged stormwater drains can be costly to resolve. It is essential that you utilise our competency in CCTV drain inspection services to know the right cause of the problem and take proactive measures before it is too late.

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Being educated with this information will allow for the proper placement of structures, foundations, fence posts, trees and other items you are wanting to install. Call Service Locate on 0424 906 777.

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