At Service Locate we provide a specialist underground utility, pipe and cable locating service throughout Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Northern Rivers.


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With over 21 years experience; using state of the art non-invasive electromagnetic locating equipment to find utility services. Alex Bogdanoff; director of Service Locate, leads the team of certified technicians.


Service Locate’s Utility Locators are fully Certified. Call the experts today and find out what utility services are underground and how deep they are…


Call our Underground Cable Locators Before You Dig. Locating cables underground before you dig is a speciality of locating company ‘Service Locate’. All underground cable locators tradespeople use from Service…


Call the Underground Pipe Locating experts “Before You Dig”. Locating pipes underground before you dig is what pipe locators from ‘Service Locate’. are trained to do. All underground pipe locators tradespeople use from…


Service Locate provides underground utility line mapping services to both residential and commercial clients across metropolitan Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast & Toowoomba


For smaller diameter pipelines and conduits 50mm-250mm; using state-of-the-art push camera technology with colour HD to locate and identify breakages, defective joint welds, debris blockages and roots, junctions/intersections.


GPR is non-destructive and provides the valuable information you need prior to excavating and is a highly specialised geophysical technique of subsurface imaging. It outputs electromagnetic radiation waves into the ground to detect discontinuities such as utilities and objects.



More Than Just Locating Utility Lines

Service Locate are proud to offer a complete range of utility, pipe and cable locating services. Alex and the team have located utility lines for residential, commercial, industrial and rural customers; directly and through a wide range of contractors, architects, engineers, architects, surveyors and government departments.

Utility Location Services – Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast & Toowoomba

Any time that someone digs into the ground; whether a contractor or homeowner, they run the risk of hitting utility pipes and or cables. This can be at best an expensive mistake and at worst be extremely dangerous; gas pipes can explode, and electrical power cables that become exposed can cause fires or electrocution resulting in loss of life. Even hitting water pipes can cause a mess, undermining foundations or cause flooding.

Service Locate offer a complete utility locating service to all areas of Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast & Toowoomba that identifies what type of utility lines are present, exactly where they are; as well as how deep to within 97% accuracy. With this information, contractors and home owners can confidently excavate the ground.

Service Locate has certified utility locators that come out to the property and using state-of-the-art electromagnetic detection devices, locate and mark out where pipes and cables are situated underground or diagram of the location and depth of each utility present.

All utility company lines are detected if they exist on the property; water, gas, electricity, sewerage and telephone lines within the utility locating service.

Sometimes however, specific pipes or cables are required to be located because of changes made from when they were first laid; renovations to the property has occurred, or renovations are about to occur that involve digging and connection of these utilities. For this reason we offer a cable locating service to locate all cables underground in a specific location, including telephone, electricity and data cables.

The pipe locating service can be specifically requested to locate sewer pipes, water pipes and gas pipes underground before you dig.

Service Locate uses the latest electromagnetic line locating technology to assist in cable locating for excavation work, site planning, as well as assisting homeowners with digging safely on their property. Cable location, prior to excavation is extremely important as it helps avoid the potential danger of digging into cables; particularly power cables that if exposed have been known to cause fatalities, as well as costly repairs.

Service Locate’s utility cable locating service is offered to construction engineers, architects, surveyors, contractors, government departments, developers and residential property owners.

In the past, locating cables underground could be done by looking at utility companies records, however, overtime with renovations, more cables are laid; especially with data cables connecting computers to the Internet. Records are often not updated, are incorrect, and can be limited to just a line on a map with no depth measurements. Service Locate’s cable location technology can provide a three-dimensional plan showing all buried cables that is non-invasive and better than 97% accurate.

Utility companies such as Telstra and Energex will only provide information for cables that they own.

Underground Cable Location Services

Our Pipe Locating Service is More than just Pipe Locating

Every year home owners, contractors and builders spend thousands of dollars on unnecessary repair expenses on damaged underground water, sewerage and gas pipes. These costs could have been avoided by using the pipe locating service from Service Locate. Water or gas utility companies can come out to mark the locations of their respective lines, but each will only mark the location from the street to their meter. Certified pipe locators can locate all pipes; gas, sewerage and water pipes that are underground all over a property giving confidence to start excavation.

Apart from locating and marking the location of underground pipes, the pipe locating service offered by Service Locate also includes a diagram detailing location and depth for later reference. As an additional service and extra cost we can provide mapping details. To implement this the client would have to provide a base-map of the existing site-plan in a PDF file.

Anyone who has needed to dig where pipes have been located has no doubt experienced pipe locating companies that have just sprayed paint on the ground. After foot-traffic, vehicles or excavation equipment has passed over the paint – it’s gone!

Knowing where pipes are accurately located underground is important to know before commencing any site works. Service Locate’s experienced pipe locators use non-invasive electromagnetic transmitters to provide a complete pipe location service with an accuracy rate within 97% and the capability to locate pipes approximately 5 metres underground; depending on sub surface soil conditions.

Your Service Location Experts

Service Locate has certified locators that will come out to your location and using state-of-the-art electromagnetic detection devices, locate and mark out where pipes, cables and utilities are situated underground or diagram of the location and depth of each utility present.


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The best time to contact the team Service Locate is before you begin to dig, excavate or even design your project. It is essential to know the locations and placements of underground cables., pipes & utility service lines.

Being educated with this information will allow for the proper placement of structures, foundations, fence posts, trees and other items you are wanting to install. Call Service Locate on 0424 906 777 or complete the form and we will get right back to you.


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