We offer ground penetrating radar services Gold Coast & surrounding suburbs

Service Locate offers highly specialised Radar Technology. Our ground penetrating radar in Gold Coast & surrounding suburbs provides immense geophysical value with a rigorous examination of sub-surface levels. Our GPR services assist with applications that vary from damage prevention of sub-surface installations to high-precision scanning of the surface below the ground.

Go for our GPR radar services, as we have trained and certified technicians in our crew. They have years of experience extracting valuable data from the surfaces below the ground. Such skilful data analysis of sub-surface data helps underground utility locating and ground penetrating radar.

What is a Ground Penetrating Radar?

Ground penetrating radar or GPR is an electromagnetic wave that enables the detection of objects buried under the ground surface. This technology can be used for archaeological purposes, or for locating objects or utilities beneath concrete slabs, pavements, and other structures. Additionally it is also used extensively by utilities to locate pipelines buried underground and to detect electrical faults.

How does GPR work?

The GPR emits a radio wave pulse that travels under the ground’s surface and reflects off buried objects. The reflection is captured and displayed on a screen.

It can be in the form of a series of spikes in the case of metal objects. It can also be in the form of a noise burst for geological features such as rocks.

The time it takes for this echo to return to the antenna is used to calculate the depth of burial below the surface.

The reflections are used to create a time-of-flight measurement from which the distance can be calculated. For this to happen, the pulse must travel through soil and rock.

And because these two materials affect how well the pulse travels, the crew can also use them to give an indication of how close an object may be.

How deep can the GPR go?

The penetration depth depends on the type of surface the radar needs to pass through.

If we talk about low conductivity materials like dry sand then the GPR can penetrate the surface and go deep up to 100 feet or 30 metres.

If we factor in other materials like moist clay or shale, the efficacy goes down because of the material’s ability to absorb GPR signals

Where is ground penetrating radar used?

At Service Locate, our expertise in ground penetrating radar ensures a wide range of applications such as 

  • laying of fiber optic cables
  • examining the water mains
  • checking the presence of pipes
  • digging holes for new foundations
  • excavating artefacts
  • locating ponds, lakes, and wells
  • securing underground pipelines
  • locating utilities in burial or after excavation
  • buried manhole covers
  • locating drains, air vents and other services.

Ground Penetrating Radar can be used to examine the following material types:

  • earthworks, foundations and roadworks
  • building sites and excavations 
  • bank lines and retaining walls  
  • earth dams and retaining walls  
  • archaeological investigations 
  • civil engineering and hydrology investigations
  • scan for hidden objects inside buildings such as electrical cables – vehicle undercarriages, or buried manhole covers.
  • scan sub-ground concrete for the presence of pipe, valves, steel reinforcement, or electrical conduits

Why the need for GPR radar services?

The underwound terrain may have different natural and man-made installations. If these aren’t accounted for during construction, it can have terrible consequences.

Cut power lines can lead to electrocution, and cracks on gas lines can lead to explosions. Damage to water mains can lead to flooding.

High-precision GPR data from Service Locate help you avoid these costly errors. This way, our meticulous scanning of the ground surface can alleviate risks during construction.

It helps keep the crew members safe when working around such hazardous underground installations.

Why choose Service Locate for Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) services?

Use of specialised equipment

We use state-of-the-art products and equipment to ensure the most accurate and detailed data. 

We have the latest equipment to work with excavation pockets, basement walls and buildings.

Our Ground Penetrating Radar is well maintained to ensure that it does not malfunction when buried under various conditions.

Broad coverage

Service Locate provides GPR services throughout Gold Coast & surrounding suburbsand its surrounding area. 

We understand that each project is unique and requires thoughtful planning and attention to ensure a successful project outcome.

Due Diligence and Support

Service Locate has strong on-site support staff. Coupled with a solid technical department, we ensure amazing customer support. 

Our Field Personnel are trained in project planning, emergency response and safety.

We believe that only quality work results in quality products.

Versatility of services

Be it highly congested metropolitan setting or open land area, our GPR services return accuracy every single time

Use of advanced equipment like multi-frequency shielded GSSI 

Use of antennas ranging from 400 MHz to 1600 MHz for scanning different types of services. 

Total adherence to work processes

Service Locate knows that concrete imaging survey is a delicate process.

Hence we take care of all processes, such as:

  • Survey wheel configuration – This helps attune the wheel to an identified linear distance before the scanning operation 
  • Surface scan – This helps to assess materials and fillings within the slab 
  • Dielectric assessment – The structure’s dielectric value is assessed to help with overall data collection and subsequent analysis
  • Scanning – Use of 2D or 3D scanning as per the requirement 
  • Scan analysis – The results of the scan are analysed to understand what lies beneath the slab surface.

Get expert GPR assistance from Gold Coast & surrounding suburbs

Utility mark outs may not align with the records. Hence, it is best to use scientific advantage and harness the GPR services from Gold Coast & surrounding suburbs. 

Instead of relying on assumptions and provided records, use our GPR services for professional utility locating and underground scanning assistance. 

Contact Us Before You Dig

When to call Service Locate?

The best time to contact Service Locate is before you begin to dig, excavate or even design your project. It is essential to know the locations and placements of underground utility service lines.

Being educated with this information will allow for the proper placement of structures, foundations, fence posts, trees and other items you are wanting to install. Call Service Locate on 0424 906 777.

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