Underground Pipe Location Services from Service Locate

Dial Before You Dig – Call the Pipe Location Experts!

With over 18 years experience locating pipes underground, Service Locate’s pipe locators use various methods; depending on the material the pipes are made from and specialised electromagnetic locating equipment to locate the type and depth of pipes underground safely, before you dig or excavate.

Alex Bogdanoff; Director of Service Locate, leads the team of certified underground service locators with a reputation second to none. Experience plays an essential part in locating all utility lines; whether they are electricity power cables, sewer and water pipes, telephone lines or gas pipes.

Underground Pipe Location Services

Locating pipes underground before you dig is what pipe locators from ‘Service Locate’ are trained to do. All our underground pipe locators are accredited pipe locators.

Tradies and professionals including excavators, landscapers, electricians and plumbers use Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast & Toowoomba’s leading underground pipe locators from Service Locate so they can safely dig underground, reducing the risk of an explosion that can be caused by cutting into gas pipes while digging, and you should too.

Locating gas pipes however is just one of the services pipe locators perform while on site. There are often many sewerage and water pipes; that have been laid underground; all at different depths, that need to be located, so digging can be performed safely, minimising the risk of damage.

The other danger is damaging cables underground while digging.

Underground service locators from Service Locate don’t just search for pipes, they search for cables too, so contacting Service Locate before you dig, is the safe and reliable decision to make before you dig underground.

Contact Us Before You Dig

When to call Service Locate?

The best time to contact Service Locate is before you begin to dig, excavate or even design your project. It is essential to know the locations and placements of underground utility service lines.

Being educated with this information will allow for the proper placement of structures, foundations, fence posts, trees and other items you are wanting to install. Call Service Locate on 0424 906 777.

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